Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 15

Current Project: Local Weather App
Today's Progress: Coded a bit on some old projects of mine, nothing special. Unfortunately I hadn't much time to really dive into the Weather App today, but guess coding at least something is better than not coding at all. ;)
Thoughts: Well, my plans basically haven't change much due to my lack of time today. Tomorrow is going to be a lot better and I can finally focus on my to-dos.
My plans for tomorrow:
  • Lay out the basic page design for the Local Weater App (either using Bootstrap or flexbox (if not too cumbersome to pick up) or even maybe both (if possible?))
  • Begin reading the guide about flexbox
  • Continue a bit on theory ("Head First JavaScript Programming")
  • Refactor code of RQM (optional)

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